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The foundation of King’s speaking is centered on educating students and student-athletes to better use media and social media platforms to create their brands. Students, student-athletes, and professional athletes are on social media and in the media more than ever. Yet, many are ill equipped to use media and social media to their advantage.

Through proper education and training, students and athletes are able to market and brand themselves more effectively, and align themselves to meet their short and long term goals.

In addition, King addresses how effective leadership and teambuilding techniques can assist executives, athletes, and coaches to better lead their programs, teams, departments, and organizations. King also addresses the importance of creating and maintaining a culture that executives and employees can thrive in. The audience will learn how to establish clear goal setting, streamline communication, and ways to shine no matter your position rank within a unit or organization.

King speaks to high school and collegiate student-athletes, as well as coaches and business executives.

The topics Kevin King can speak on include:

  • The importance of core values, relationships, and culture

  • Leadership development training for teams and business executives

  • Media training for coaches, student-athletes, and executives

  • Benefits of diversity within organizations

  • How student-athletes can brand themselves using social media platforms

Kevin King will help the audience:

  • Understand leadership development, team dynamics, and how to implement leadership disciplines within a team, organization, or department

  • Understand the importance of accountability, trust, and performance within an organization/team environment

  • How to use social media and media platforms to your advantage

  • The benefits of diversity within a team, management, and department

Kevin King delivers:

  • Motivating and inspiring keynote addresses (i.e. banquets, retreats, professional development workshops)

  • Leadership development and teambuilding trainings

  • Media and social media workshops

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